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A Practical Guide to Washing Your Car At Home

Whether you are a first-time car owner or you have had a car for ages, you understand that a clean car is a beautiful car. While some prefer to have their cars washed for them, it is necessary to know how to do it on your own. Washing a car is an elaborate but enjoyable process if properly done. Here are a few things you need to know about cleaning your car.

car washing

What You Will Need


It is more convenient to use two buckets preferably 5 gallons each as this will carry sufficient water to get the job done. One bucket will hold the soapy solution while the other one will hold the rinse water.

Car Wash Mitts

These can be made of genuine or synthetic microfiber, sheepskin or sponge material. Choose one with long microfiber fingers as it is gentle to the most delicate of paints. Mitts are designed to pull the most dirt away from your car. Avoid using beach towels, old clothes, and shop rags.

Hose Nozzles

You will need a good hose nozzle that does not leak. Also, choose a nozzle with an open flow option for rinsing.

Watering can

If you do not have access to a hose, you will need a watering can. Ensure that the can has no rose.

Car Shampoo

Look out for factors such as concentration, foaming ability, gloss enhancing ability, lubrication, pH balance, and gentleness. This will ensure you get a glossy clean car. Avoid using dish soap which is bound to ruin your car’s wax and dry out its plastic moldings.

Drying Materials

Two towels are often enough for a spot-free finish. Choose towels that are soft enough to absorb a lot of water without scratching the surface.

A Step by-Step Car Washing Guide

Now that you have assembled all the materials you require, where do you start?

car washing guide

Pre Rinsing

If possible, start by parking your car in the shade to prevent soapy solution from drying on the car before rinsing. With your hose, start from the top towards the bottom. Rinse the panels extra carefully as these have gaps which often trap dirt. The idea is to remove as much of the dirt as possible so that it doesn’t stick to your mitt later as you wash. 15 minutes is sufficient for this step.

 Pre Washing

Though often skipped, this step is just as crucial as the rest. The pre-wash stage helps to remove bug splatter, road grime and road salts on the car’s paintwork. Focus on the lower half of the car’s body as this is where the above contaminants will be most present.


Pre Washing

This is because dirt and grime are flicked onto the vehicle’s lower halves as the wheels move. Remember also to clean the door shuts, window rubbers, grills, and fuel filler cups. Rinse with clean water once the dirt is removed.

The Bucket Wash Stage

This is undeniably the most important step in the car washing process. Here, you use a wash mitt and a car shampoo solution to physically wash the paintwork. First, pour fresh water into one bucket which you will use for rinsing. Next, pour water into the second bucket until it is ¾ full. Add enough car shampoo into the second bucket and stir. Now add water to the second bucket to fill.

car washing guide

As in the first step, wash from the top going down. Soak your car wash mitt in the shampoo solution and then use minimal pressure to sweep away the dirt. Squeeze the water out of the mitt as you gently sweep it forward and backward on the car’s surface.

For areas with persistent stains, you may need more time; you need not exert more pressure. Each time you need more shampoo solution, rinse the mitt thoroughly in the rinse bucket first. Remember to release trapped dirt with your fingers as you do this. Do this consistently as you clean the entire car, leaving the dirtiest places like the rear bumper and the boot-lid for last.

Rinsing Your Car

You can do this systematically as you wash or after washing the whole car as per the weather. Set your hose to free flow and then rinse from top to bottom. Use a lot of fresh water. You may use a watering can without a rose for this stage. Note that this will require at least five full ones.

Rinsing Your Car

Final Drying

This is a delicate stage which must be done Carefully to prevent damage to the paintwork. Dry your car gently and systematically from the top going down. Using your microfiber towel, wipe the car surface dry, applying minimal pressure. Patting is more advisable as opposed to wiping, however, because it does not inflict marring. You may also use a detail spray to lubricate the rinsed surface before drying.

Turtle Wax Ice Detailed Review with Alternatives

Turtle Wax products have managed to build a layer of unbeatable protection and shine on vehicles. The most recent product is the synthetic polish known as the “ice.” It represents a clear wax formed from an entirely new technology blending silicone and hydrocarbon polymers. The combination provides one with an exceptional durability and shine and does not leave a white residue when applied to plastic or rubber. Customers embrace the products for the long lasting diamond brilliance.

turtle wax ice

Currently, it is revolutionizing the car care products available in the world. You do not have to purchase a kit to use the product. It comes with a kit that includes a microfiber buffing towel and applicator foam. Turtle wax ice is appealing to anyone who spots it in the shelves. Turtle wax Ice liquid has a transparent package with clear liquid attracting people and making a strong statement. The product represents a new level of protection at an advanced scientific and molecular level.

Turtle wax ice is easy to apply even in direct sunlight. You do not have to fear streaking or wax build up, unlike the other car care products. It provides you with ultra-violent rays’ protection and fills in minor scratches. The easy to wash factor of the ice bar make it popular among the car owners. You just have first to clean the vehicle, use the ice bar, wash the vehicle again and finally apply a protective layer of the ice wax. Leave the wax for ten to twenty minutes before you remove it.Turtle Wax Ice- Best Rated

After waiting for the recommended minutes fold the micro fiber cloth and use it to wipe off the extra polish and the other light buff. Your car is left with a smooth finish with no residue. The additional ice is nowhere to be seen it disappeared into thin air. Ice protects your paintwork. However, removing the polymer required effort, but on the positive side the experience is worthwhile and cannot be compared to anything else.

Ice is new to the line of Turtle Wax Products. It is clear with a viscosity that falls between engine oil and water making it unique. The clarity sells to the customers and makes a statement of the high level of protection and cleanliness. Though the heavy gauge plastic packaging presents a challenge when you are trying to open, the product has so far exceeded my expectations. Turtle Wax Ice protects your car and keeps it clean for a long period. It adds multiple layers to your vehicle repelling against dirt and increases a brilliant shine. The ice wax will also restore color to the rims because the product is safe on exterior plastic and rubber.

The world currently has numerous car care products. You, therefore, need to make informed research before settling for one. The product review shows you what to look forward after you purchased ice. Read through and get informed. Understand the positive and the negative side of Turtle wax ice before you proceed to use it. Overall, I would say this product is making strides in the automobile market and industry, thus I would recommend anyone to purchase it.

How To Buff A Black Car Guide For Perfecting Buffing Session


Modern day car owners have a high affinity for sleek black cars. They display a sense of style and class. Sleek Black cars need a lot of care for their beauty to be maintained. Maintenance of such cars is usually tasking as scratches are easily seen. To maintain them, they have to be washed, polished and buffed. Since hand washing and basic drying may be a lot of work, car polisher machines are available to give an effective wash and buff of black cars.

Guide on Giving your Car A Perfect Shine


Move your vehicle to a shaded area away from items you would not like to soil with water. Fill one bucket with water and soap that is less corrosive and gentle to the car’s body. Have another bucket filled with clean water for rinsing purposes. Wash by hand using a soft mitt and less corrosive washing compounds. Start working from the top all the way down. Use a different mitt for washing the wheels. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

how to buff a car


Put a damp cloth on the wheel of the polisher. Apply a layer of polish on the cloth. Regulate the polisher speed, start slow then to moderate speed. Ensure parallel alignment to the car’s body to prevent undesirable marks. Deal with one body part at a time.

car polisher


Wash the car again using a clean soft mitt and rinse with clean water. Dry using a soft cloth. Implement the blotting method to prevent unwanted cob-web markings.

car buffing guide


Apply synthetic wax and some polish on a clean, soft cloth that has been mounted on a wheeler. Using moderate speed and steady pressure, move the wheeler back and forth to give the car a fine, flawless shine. Ensure you use a micro-fiber cloth to clear excess wax from the vehicle. Wax serves to prevent harmful rays from the sun thereby protecting the car’s paint. Furthermore, synthetic wax gives your car wet appealing look.

car waxing

Below are some of the best-selling car buffing machines you can buy on amazon.

Dewalt DWP849X

dewalt d2849x

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Uxcell DC 12V 40W Car Buffing Machine

Uxcell DC 12V 40W Car Buffing Machine

Uxcell DC 12V 40W Car Buffing Machine

Uxcell DC 12V has 4.7 star rating. It’s made up of plastic and metal just like any other buffing machine. Dimensions are 12 x 16cm/4.7” x 6.3” (Max.D*H); Rated Voltage: DC 12V. Uxcell power consumption is 40 watts while waxing wheel diameter is 12cm or 4.7 Inches which is pretty decent for most of the cars. Cord length is 14.8 ft which is good enough for car wash businesses too, providing buffing services. If you travel a lot than make sure to get a buffing machine which has long wire, since you never if power supply is easily accessible by your car.

If you are buying Uxcell DC 12v you won’t need to buy waxing cloth or buffing cloth since they are included as extras with the product apart from main car wax polishing machine. If you are a rough user this product is for you, since it has warranty period which covers 3 years from date of purchase and on top of that you get 1 year aftersales service which gets you free product repairs for one year. Isn’t that amazing?

Uxcell DC is well insulated with a tough, environment-friendly material. It has ergonomically structured hand design to facilitate ease of use. The button for regulating power makes it very convenient for use as it saves on energy. It has a long shelf-life. This polisher can be operated single-handedly and is effective in double polishing of a car.

Porter Cable 7424 XP 6-Inch Variable Speed Polisher

Porter Cable 7424 XP 6-Inch Variable Speed Polisher

Porter Cable 7424 XP 6-Inch Variable Speed Polisher

This car buffing machine is manufactured by Porter Cable. Power stands at 4.5 amperes with a voltage of one hundred and twenty volts. Weight is at five point eight pounds making it highly portable. The polisher has the following measurements 11.5 x 10.5 x 6 inches and it offers swirl-free sanding/polishing action with electronic variable speed dial between 2500-6800 OPM. Special feature of this product is that user can easily vary the speed. Porter cable is easy to use since it is designed in a way that its handle is removable and can be used by either the left or right hand.

Porter Cable offers 3 years warranty and 1 year after sale service. Accessories included are polishing pad, side handle, wrench and operating instructions. The modern day car owner desired to drive around in a car that is not only squeaky clean, but also having an alluring shine. Thanks to improved technology, one can access a variety of car polishers, complete with relevant accessories on the internet. Amazon makes buying even better by not charging shipping costs. Porter cable comes in several colors, shapes and sizes to suit the needs of clients. The modern car owner now has a perfect long-lasting solution for car cleaning at the comfort of his or her home.


Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax Review


Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax ReviewMeguiar’s Ultimate paste wax is a special synthetic polymer wax designed to shine and protect your vehicle’s coat. Not only does it have water beading properties, it is also easy to apply and can last for a very long time.

Additionally, Meguiar’s special wax is also quite affordable. It only costs $25 to $30, depending on the retailer, and for this price, you get an easy-to-apply wax with plenty of useful features. So if you would like to know more about this item then here are a few things that you should be aware of.


  • Meguiar’s ultimate paste wax was developed using the meguiar’s “Thing Film” technology, which allows the wax to be easily applied. You can, for example, apply it in direct sunlight, and the wax will perform well even if the surface is hot.
  • Another interesting feature of this product is that it lasts longer than most other synthetic waxes, and thanks to its low water tension, it has better water-protection capabilities compared to other waxes. This particular feature is due to Meguiar’s special proprietary “Hydrophobic Polymer” technology, which was developed to reduce surface tension, and increase water beading.
  • The third major feature is the wax is compatible with practically all vehicle colors. Not only it can protect a vehicle’s coat, it is also designed to enhance its depth and color.
  • Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this item includes its own applicator, microfiber towel and smooth surface clay kit. The kit is used to remove dirt off a vehicle’s surface before the application process, while soft foam applicator and microfiber towel are used during and after the application process. Although you can use other equipment to apply these the wax on your vehicle, it is helpful to have these things close by.


  1. There are a lot of good things about this wax. For starters, it is very easy to apply, even on a hot summer day, particularly if you use the applicator.
  2. Secondly, it easily amplifies the reflectivity of any vehicle’s coat, making it more resilient against heat and direct sunlight. This feature also includes the added bonus of keeping your vehicle nice and shiny.
  3. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the wax was designed not to leave any white reside on the trim and plastic. So you don’t have to worry about those particular problems when you apply it.


  1. As for cons, there isn’t really much to say. The wax’s only flaw is that it is a harder to remove than it is to apply. However, even this is only an issue when you try to remove it while its wet, otherwise it’s a non-issue.


This wax packs a lot of the best formulas meguiar has to offer. Not only does it offer good protection, it’s also easy to apply. Other waxes have similar features, but not as many. So if you’re going to buy this item, you should compare it with other high-end waxes. Other than that, there’s not much else to say about this wax. It is effective, easy to apply and it can make your car shine.

How to Wax & Buff Your Car

If you’re in love with your car, you must know how to wax it properly.  Waxing a car is one area of car care that’s quite neglected, and people tend to wax their cars the way they want. Lack of knowledge and carelessness leads to less than perfect or sometimes frustrating results. There are many benefits of waxing your vehicle if you know how to do so appropriately and systematically.  Waxing a car helps to get rid of the scratches and gives it a clean fresh look day in and day out.


how to wax black cars

Car waxing makes your car shine, as if it just came out of showroom. However the product you are using for wax should not contain any hard particles or abrasive material.


When you buy a new car, there is no protection for the paint on it in the form of wax or sealants.  Rather, your car comes with a clear coat by the manufacturer. Modern day clear coats are not as withstanding as they were in the past. So nowadays it’s more important to take care of your vehicles now and then if you want them to look perfect as there is an old saying, “a stitch in time saves nine.”  Let’s see how to wax your car properly and the precautions you should take while performing this task.


How to Wax a Car Properly

Getting Started: Prepare Before Car Waxing
Before waxing your car, first of all, wash your car properly and let it dry completely. Always wipe your vehicle with a soft cloth to dry it off. If you wash your car and let it air dry, it’s better if you don’t wash it at all. That is because the water drops will dry on the surface of the car leaving behind water marks mixed with dust particles from the air.  Such a surface is useless if polished or waxed.  You may also use a clay bar after washing your car to remove any dirt at all until you get a squeaky clean finish as smooth as glass.


how to wax white cars

Polish…. Before you Wax

If you have little defects or scratches in the paint of your vehicle, the wax will not remove them.  You need an abrasive to remove them. Waxing does cover minor flaws in your car paint, but for the most part, it doesn’t do a better job.  By minor defects, I mean small scratches, stains, water spots, bird droppings, etc. The best solution to this problem is to use an abrasive polish. You can look on the label of a product if it claims to “clean” or “polish” than it is a cleaner wax.

If your car paint needs reconditioning, do it before you apply the car wax.

Now that your paint surface is smooth and contaminant free, you are ready to use your choice of wax.  Select an appropriate car wax for your vehicle.

How to Wax Your Car

One look at the car aisle is enough to overwhelm you with the various choices available to you with regards to car wax products.  Let us categorize car wax products accessible in the market so that you have a better chance at choosing the right car wax for your vehicle.  We can group the car waxes as:

  • Wipe on- paint sealant
  • Liquid wax
  • Spray wax
  • Paint wax 

All of these products aim to provide protection to your vehicle surface as well as enhance its visual appearance.  Some waxes are harder to apply but give an overly satisfying result.  On the other hand, some are more suitable for a quick wax solution.  There are two major ways in which you can apply car wax:

Application by Hand

Apply a thin coat of wax as possible to get the most shine. Before applying the second coat, first coat is needed to buff off thoroughly. It is necessary to check the label to see if any specific instructions are given about the interval after which you can apply the second coat.


how to wax red cars

Poly foam wax applicators are the best to apply the thinnest layer possible. They are capable of physically taking in a liquid, and can be reused several times. If you do get a streaky or uneven wax, you can correct it with the help of a quick detail spray. Mist the surface with the spray and buff it off.

Apply car wax or paint sealant in the shade because if it dries too quickly, then it will be difficult to buff it off.  Thus you will not get the desired result and may even ruin the look of your vehicle.  Work on a small area at a time covering around 2-4 square feet.

Machine Application

Select a soft, absorbent and firm foam finishing pad. It should be resilient enough to withstand the pressure of the machine. This method is perfect for any wax and works well for even the paste wax.

Spread the paste wax on a pad as if you would butter a piece of bread. For liquid wax, press the polisher on the paint and spread the wax over the panels before turning on the machine. Check the label of your product to see if there are any particular instructions for the direction of application.  Select the speed of the machine, maximum 3. Once you are satisfied by the waxing, turn off the machine before lifting it off the surface.

Now, in the end, buff off the wax with a microfiber. Not all the products allow you to apply wax on the entire surface before buffing off so choose accordingly.


Now you have a clear idea how to wax your car. It is best first to wash your car, and then dry it with a cloth. Once you’ve prepped your car, you can move on to apply the wax on your vehicle.  Hopefully, now you will be better equipped with the proper knowledge of how to wax your car. With the easy application procedure, you can enjoy your freshly waxed car.

Wolfgang Wax Review

Wolfgang Wax ıs a handcrafted blend of carnauba wax, German Super Polymers, and proprıetary ıngredıents that yıeld unequaled shıne and protectıon. Thıs unıque formula fuses the best attrıbutes of carnauba wax and paınt sealants to create the ultımate car wax. Wolfgang Wax has been enhanced wıth more glossıfıers for a more ıntense wet look and ımproved slıckness.

Wolfgang Wax ıs a hand-crafted emulsion of :

Wolfgang Wax
Whıte carnauba wax. Thıs ıs the purest, most transparent natural wax on earth. Its vısual clarıty and wet-lookıng shıne are absolutely unbeatable. Carnauba wax naturally repels water, aırborne pollutants, and ultravıolet radıatıon. Ultımately, Wolfgang Wax gıves your vehıcle synthetıc protectıon and dramatıc vısual ımpact all ın one ıncredıble car wax.

German Super Polymers. Long-lastıng, hıgh-bondıng, crystallıne polymers that gıve Wolfgang wax ıts ırresıstıble gloss. When Wolfgang Wax ıs applıed to your vehıcle, the carnauba fuses wıth the polymers ın a cross-lınked matrıx of protectıve molecules. Thıs woven polymer shıeld ıs your vehıcle’s best defense agaınst moısture, aırborne pollutants, bırd droppıngs, ınsects, and UV radıatıon. The super polymers reınforce carnauba’s natural defense and promote maxımum bondıng to the paınt.

Synthetıc ıngredıents. Wolfgang Wax represents a new era ın whıch the tradıtıonal car wax fuses wıth cuttıng edge, synthetıc ıngredıents to form the ultımate hıgh gloss, hıgh bondıng car wax. Wıth Wolfgang Wax, nothıng ıs compromısed.


Antı-statıc Propertıes:
Wolfgang Wax’s antı-statıc propertıes maıntaın a slıck, glossy, reflectıve fınısh. It leaves such a slıck, repellent surface; contamınants cannot stıck. Wolfgang Wax repels water, dırt, dust, oıl, and resısts smudges and fıngerprınts.

Looks Breathtakıng on any Color:
Wolfgang Wax looks breathtakıng on any color. Reds and blacks shımmer wıth depth. Whıte, pearls, and sılvers drıp wıth shıne. Colors appear deeper and more saturated. The vehıcle wıll appear dıpped ın gloss wıth lıght bouncıng off every curve. Thıs ıs what wax makers have been strıvıng for. Wolfgang brıngs ıt to you ın every jar of Wolfgang Wax.

WOWO (wıpe on, wıpe off) Wax:
Wolfgang Wax gıves you the feel of a paste wax wıth the ease of a paınt sealant. Apply a thın, even coat wıth a foam applıcator. The wax wıpes off wet wıth a clean, soft towel. Because Wolfgang Wax contaıns no cleaners, ıt wıll not staın or dıscolor black trım.

Create crısp, mırror-sharp Reflectıons.
Wolfgang Wax ıs a true wax wıth no cleanıng propertıes. For the best results, prep the paınt by removıng all ımperfectıons and contamınatıon. Fırst, deep clean the paınt. Then polısh away swırls, oxıdatıon, and other ımperfectıons. Once your vehıcle ıs clean and smooth, drench ıt ın gloss wıth a coat of Wolfgang Wax. Maıntaın the optımum level of shıne and protectıon wıth regular applıcatıons of Sealant.

25-30 Applıcatıons.
Each contaıner of Wolfgang Wax contaıns 25-30 applıcatıons on average. Includıng the free refıll, your sıngle purchase of Wolfgang Wax gıves you 50-60 applıcatıons total. That’s only $3 per applıcatıon, makıng Wolfgang Wax an exceptıonal value for one of the world’s fınest estate waxes. There ıs no shıppıng charge on thıs wax for ground servıce wıthın the 48 contıguous Unıted States.

Sıgnature Heırloom Box:
Wolfgang’s sıgnature heırloom box ıs handmade for each jar of Wolfgang Wax. The box ıs buılt of Baltıc Bırch wıth an angled lıd to dısplay the wax. The wood ıs staıned a warm honey tone to accentuate the wood graın and affıxed wıth sophıstıcated bronze hınges and a latch. Each case ıs then branded wıth the Wolfgang logo. Thıs elegantly crafted box ıs lıned ın foam to protect the wax durıng transport and storage.
The Wolfgang sıgnature case can be used for personal storage as well. Use the box to store watches, cufflınks, and mementos. The fıne wood graın and excellent craftsmanshıp make the Wolfgang Wax case an attractıve and functıonal addıtıon to a desk, dresser, or workstatıon.

What you get wıth your Purchase:
Each jar ıs boxed ın a sıgnature wooden case wıth a foam applıcator. Each 8 oz. contaıner of wax ıs ınspected and packaged wıth a hand-numbered certıfıcate of authentıcıty.

8oz: $175 (1 free refıll).


1. The paınt should be clean and dry. Wax amplıfıes the condıtıon of the paınt; therefore ıt should be as clean and smooth as possıble before applyıng Wolfgang Wax.
2. Wıpe on Wolfgang Wax wıth a clean foam applıcator pad. Use the wax sparıngly. Multıple thın coats are more benefıcıal than one heavy coat. Apply the wax to one panel at a tıme.
3. Use a polıshıng Cloth to buff the paınt to a brıllıant shıne.
4. Maıntaın maxımum gloss between detaıls wıth sealant.

The removal process ıs effortless and a breeze. The wax can be removed wıthout any pressure on the towel. If you let the towel glıde wıth mınımal pressure, most of the wax resıdue just comes off.


How to clean car upholstery- Professional Tips + Guide


The Car is an essential part of our everyday life, and after use they get dirty. Cars and their seats are needed to be cleaned regularly. Car seats should be cleaned with that method which is suitable for their material. Always read the instructions while using any specific product, if there are any particular directions are given for cleaning, and see if that product is appropriate for your upholstery material. According to your car upholstery material, make a list and clean them respectively. Primary materials used in most cars are the following:

  • Carpeting
  • Cloth/Velour/Leather material on seats
  • Vinyl and Rubber
  • Plastic lined interiors
  • Rubber floor mats

It does seem like we need different materials to clean the above-given materials, but except for leather in seats which require specialists cleaners, all other materials can be cleaned with by all-purpose upholstery cleaners.

Things you will need to clean car upholstery:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Laundry Detergent or Car upholstery cleaner
  • Leather conditioner
  • Chamois Leather or Towel
  • Buckets


How to Clean Fabric Car Seats

As a careful measurement, always apply the product in the hidden area of the fabric of the car seats make sure they are safe to use and won’t damage car upholstery.

Steps to clean Fabric car seats:

  • Firstly, clean the dirt and debris in the car especially on the car seats with the help up of a vacuum with brush attachment.
  • Then fill a bucket with hot water, add a spoon full of laundry detergent and mix it well. It will work as a cleaning product. With the help of sponge, apply this cleaning product as a scrub on every seat of the car.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean joints because dirt usually sticks there.
  • Gently rub with a toothbrush to remove dirt inseams.
  • After scrubbing the seats, wipe them clean entirely with a wet towel. Remove the dirt and excess detergent with it.


How to Clean Floor Mats:

Floor mats can be cleaned with the same all-purpose upholstery cleaning agent or the home-made cleaner.


  • Remove the floor mats from the car
  • Clean and rub them with the same cleaner using a brush
  • After rubbing, rinse them properly with lukewarm water and dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • If your car has rubber or vinyl floor mats, then after cleaning and drying, apply some liquid wax shoe polish to improve their shine.

How to clean vinyl upholstery:

The easiest to clean is the Vinyl upholstery because the dirt and debris do not stick to them. So, these are easy to clean. To clean spills and dirt, merely spray all-purpose glass cleaner on the vinyl seats and wipe it off with a small cloth.

How to Clean Leather and Faux-Leather Seats:

Leather upholstery needs special care. You will need specialist leather cleaning products for best results.

Steps to Clean Leather Upholstery:

  • Remove the dirt and debris with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Apply leather upholstery cleaner on the seats and everywhere according to the instructions given on the product’s packaging.
  • Wipe down the seats with a damp chamois leather.
  • Wipe to remove any excess cleaning product present.
  • After cleaning, let the seats dry naturally.
  • Apply leather conditioner to retain leather’s texture and to protect it from cracking and wearing out.

Cleaning car upholstery is not difficult if you follow the steps correctly.  Regular maintenance and proper cleaning increase the life of car upholstery. After reading all these methods, you should feel relaxed and confident because now you know what you need to do and which products to look for and apply to clean car upholstery.


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