How to Select a Best Car Wax for Your Car

The secret of owning a car that looks brand new year after year lies in your choice of the best car wax. To all the auto aficionados around the globe, the physical appearance of their ride is a matter of pride. The application of wax sustains the luster of your car. Wax provides a high protection for your vehicle paint by forming a sacrificial layer on top. This way it prevents the UV light or minor scratches to spoil the exquisiteness of your auto. However, choosing the best wax is an arduous task because of the variety of products in the market.

Let us review some of the best car wax in the market and guide you to select the best car wax out of the finest products available in the market.

Types of Car Wax

By application, purpose, and synthesis, the types of car wax are:

Cleaner Waxes
Finishing Waxes
Composition of Car Waxes

You should apply wax as a protector of the paint layer beneath it. Carnauba Wax is the principle component of any wax. It is a combination of Beeswax or turpentine and natural carnauba wax. But natural wax cannot preserve the gloss and sparkle of the ride for a long time. Nowadays synthetic wax is more favoured and useful. The composition of best synthetic  wax is usually:

  • Carnauba polish as base component
  • Turpentine
  • Polymers (most important element of synthetic wax)

Synthetic wax helps your vehicle to enjoy the most extravagant appearance as well as durability to this beautiful look for as long as 4-6 months.

Physical Forms of Polish

waxes are available in four physical forms in the market. The choice depends on the age of car, color and climate, etc. However, all serve the same purpose; provide your vehicle with a look that is difficult to disregard.

Liquid Car Wax
Liquid Car Wax is the finest car wax due to its simple application and less time consumption. Carnauba wax performance with the addition of polymers proves to be a longest lasting car wax. 
Paste Wax
Paste waxes are the best waxes for a car in almost any climate. They have the choice of professionals.
Spray Wax
Spray waxes are for a quick fix and are often ranked last due to their tricky application and reduced resistance to climatic conditions.
Rubbing Compound
They not only restore shimmer and shine but also help in fixing smaller issues of swirls and scratches. They serve well to help your car enjoy its best appearance.

How to Choose the Best Product

Today thousands of car waxes are available in the market. Choosing the best wax out of the lot depends on the size of your vehicle, the age of the car, the condition of the paint, weather, and the plastic ratio of your vehicle. The color of the car also affects the choice of car wax tremendously.

The best car wax for black cars will not be suitable for white or lighter colored cars.  Similarly, red cars need special waxes made for red and colored cars. Therefore, we took the liberty to choose some of the best car waxes for each car color.

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Black Cars Wax
Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish

LG-100 is the best-rated car wax ranked at number 1.  LG-100 makes sure that your vehicle attains the ultimate mirror-like exterior. If you want the wax to last long, liquid wax is the ultimate solution.

Liquid glass wax forms a  layer that doesn’t allow contamination to cross and ruin the fabulous paint polish. With a simple application, liquid glass is the longest lasting wax for cars. Follow the instruction manual for a perfect finish.
Mother 10016 Reflections Car Wax

Mother 10016 Reflections Car Wax
If your car needs a wax job and you are in search of a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance, then Mothers Reflection Car Wax is your solution.

Mothers Reflection wax are the longest lasting car waxes as they present a perfect combo of liquid polymer technology and high gloss polymer. This wax results in a perfect wet, glossy and shiny ride, exactly what you desire.
Black magic BM48016 Wet Shine Liquid Car Wax


Black magic BM48016 Wet Shine Liquid Car Wax

Black Magic Wet Shine is the best car wax for black cars. It brings the finest finish and long lasting shimmer. Black Magic liquid wax provides both.

Black magic car wax is composed of a conditioning cream that can minimize the swirl marks or other imperfections. Incredibly simple on and off technique make this wax a favourite one for all the auto lovers.
Turtle Wax Ice


Turtle Wax Ice

Turtle wax ice is another long-lasting solution. Its ingredients prevent the formation of smoky haze. This best-rated car wax is offering a massive transformation to your ride from a dull look to a shiny flabbergasting appearance.

The liquid-like texture makes its application simple. Even a beginner can apply Turtle wax with professional results. Turtle is best suited for white cars or other lighter tone colours.

The only drawback is that once you apply it, it’s rather tough to remove it. Using a turtle spray detailer afterwards can enhance the impact of the results considerably.

Zymol Rouge Wax

Zymol Rouge Wax is the best car wax for dark colored cars. With carnauba wax as its principle component, it provides durability as well longevity.

Zymol wax is the best-rated car wax because of its ability to impede any haze development on the surface afterwards.  The brilliant texture of this wax provides a much-deserved extravagant look to your vehicle. However, beware that Zymol wax is not greatly suitable for plastic bumpers.
Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax

Meguiar’s Paste Wax is indeed the best wax for black cars. It provides the simplest application and great adeptness. Durability is another important character of Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax. This high rated wax has a superb record of providing your ride with the striking magnificence that it deserves.

It has high-quality yellow carnauba wax that gives it a buttery aroma and texture. If applied with considerable care this wax can last for over a period of 90 days.
Pinnacle Signature Series II

Pinnacle Signature Series II

This premium best wax for black cars has been specially formulated to avoid staining of the black trim disagreeable pieces. Pinnacle Signature Series II is indeed the best black car wax for anyone who demands excellence.

It has high-quality yellow carnauba wax that gives it a buttery aroma and texture. If applied with considerable care this wax can last for over a period of 90 days.
Wolfgang Fusion Estate Wax

Wolfgang Fusion Estate Wax

Wolfgang Fusion Estate wax also makes into the list of the best wax for black cars due to its high resistance to climatic extremes like humidity or heat. The efficiency of natural carnauba increases with the addition of synthetic polymers.

Wolfgang Fusion Estate Wax has unmatched properties of repelling water and getting high-quality surface adherence by Wolfgang striking super German Polymers.
Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quick Wax

Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quick Wax

It is a very reliable hydrophobic technology that makes Meguiar’s G17516 so popular and one of the best wax for cars. The dewy and glamorous glow is unmatchable.

Meguiar’s Wax is the best-rated car wax, particularly when you need a quick fix.  Just apply this wax and let it dry. Upon drying it will give a perfect and smooth shine to your ride.
Turtle Wax T-223 Hard Shell Paste Wax

T-223 is probably the best wax for cars in the paste form. With a smooth texture on drying and incredibly simple application, it is the one of the most durable wax in paste form.
Being in paste form turtle T-223 offers you finest barrier against the UV light and other foes of the gorgeous shimmer of your car. Apply this high rated car wax and forget your paint worries for a year or so.

These are some of the best car waxes of different forms and types. The best wax for your vehicle must be chosen wisely after considering all the factors. However, even if the best car wax is not applied correctly and carefully, you are never supposed to acquire the desired results.


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